Our classic recipe, with a buttery taste perfect for pairing.


Crisp & Thins

The newest taste from RITZ. Deliciously thin chips, oven-baked to perfection.

Fresh Stacks

Classic crackery goodness in convenient on-the-go stacks.

Ritz bits

Bite-size version of RITZ classic, filled with peanut butter or cheese flavor.

Toasted Chips

The same RITZ flavor you love, only in a toasted chip. Not fried.

Toasted Corn Chips

Triangular, crispy corn & wheat chips, oven-baked not fried. Made for dipping.

Ritz Cracker Sandwiches

Buttery RITZ Cracker Sandwiches with real cheese or peanut butter and more.

Limited Edition


A variety of other delicious RITZ snacks available only at limited times.